Washington has made great efforts to become a bicycle friendly city. Bike lanes have been added throughout much of the city, and there are exceptional trails in and around the DC Metro area. Bike rentals are relatively easy to secure, both daily and hourly. Bicycles in the city still present their challenges. Even though the city has added bike lanes throughout the city, biking on streets, in a large congested city, can be very dangerous. Unless you have experience riding a bike in similar conditions, we encourage you to give serious thought to using a bike to navigage the city, especially if your group includes young children. (Note, DC law requires a helmet for any rider 16 years and younger). In addition, bicycle theft is another consideration. Strong bike locks are recommended at all times.

Space in the city is also a premium. Storage of bikes at each vacation rental is different. Some are able to accommodate bike storage, some are not. Those that can store bikes, may be outside, or in a separate basement. If you are planning to bring bikes to Washington, please be sure to check with us for the details of each property.


Capitol Share Bike Program:


Washington DC started a bike sharing program in 2008. The success of this program was arguably the start of Washington's move towards becoming a bicycle friendly city. Today, Capital Bikeshare offers a bicyle sharing service, with over 175 stations and more than 1700 bikes. The system works on a membership plus useage fee. Be sure to check out their webiste: www.capitolbikeshare.com.


Bicycle Rentals:

Bike and Roll/Bike the Sites - 2 locations

         Old Post Office Pavillion

         1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

         Washington DC  20004


         Union Station

         50 Massachusetts Avenue NE

         Washington DC  20002


Big Wheel Bikes - Near Georgetown

         1034 33rd Street NW

         Washington DC  20007


Rolling Cycles - Just north of the White House

         1314 14th Street NW

         Washington DC  20005


District Hardware and Bike Shop - Near Washington Circle

         1108 24th Street NW

         Washington DC  20037



More information about bicycling around the DC Metro area, including links and descriptions of the local trails can be found on BikeWashington.org